Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Support Our Troops

Do you want to vote for someone who is a blatant hypocrite? George W. Bush is asking us to Support our Troops. What is the best way to support our troops? How about getting them out of harm's way. Get them out of a war that they should not be in under any pretenses. If George W. Bush wants to support our troops (including my brother and cousin and friend's fiance and people you know) than he will not vote for himself. If he does vote for himself than he does not support our troops and is a liar.

To steal a line from Eminem "We live in a Democracy of Hypocracy."

Why is it that they have to use Terrorists to scare us? I am more scared of walking in Ferguson (5 miles from where I live) at night then I am of a terrorist. Aren't the media and politicians the terrorists? They are the ones terrorizing us. Is this any different than the Cold War?

I am tired of this. We are led by bullies, liars, and money mongers who make money off of us dying and crying. Money is made off of oil. Oil that kills our land and air and water. Money is made off of drugs not getting brought to market, or drugs getting brought to market that shouldn't be (and I don't mean Vioxx, that drug should have never been taken off the market). Money is made off of war. OFF OF WAR!

If I don't like it, why do I live here....? That thought goes through my mind more and more often the further we get in war. I can deal with corporate america raping us. Every country does that. But when we think we are the best, but are nothing but insecure whores with power, it makes me want to cry. My love for my family keeps me here, but for how long?

I hate to say it, I really do....but please vote for Kerry. He is clearly a douche bag, and will be no better than a below average leader.....but he hasn't started a war that is in no ways justifiable. Why can't Bush just admit he was wrong and leave?

So go buy your damn yellow ribbons and yellow ribbon magnets....so corporate america can get rich off of people dying, and so the world can see that you support a man who is too inept to run a sno-cone building.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Lance Armstrong

So I was watching a Lance Armstrong commercial for Bristol Myers Squib last night and it got me to think:

He says that he might be dead if it wereny for BMY's drugs. So does that mean that he won the Tour de France because he used performance enhancing drugs?

Because without the drugs, his performance would have been pretty stiff.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

What a crazy market!

What a crazy stock market we have. Well the market isn't crazy...investors are.

Cendant (for the 2nd quarter in a row) announced record earnings. This time around they trippled profits over 3rd quarter 2003. So the stock price would go up right? Its another announcement of how strong they are. No...as of right now, they are down 3.5%. I guess if this made sense to me, then I would be retired by now.

It is of my personal opinion that Cendant is worth buying as long as it is under 25....which right now it is in the 21s. If I had any money at all (which I don't its all in Cendant, or the project I previously mentioned), I would buy as much as possible. I expect it to hit 30 in the next 2 years. I could be wrong, but my money is where my mouth is.

And I have to put this disclaimer in here since the SEC and NASD monitor me, as I am licensed. (I have honestly got a phone call from regulators a few months ago regarding an email I sent discussing IRAs) The above are my opinions. Stocks do go up and down. There are many risks inherant in buying stocks. I haven't even made any mention of why I think its a good pick. Do your own homework or ask me why I like it. Blah blah blah. Its kinda funny that I had to waste time typing that, because noone will even act on my recommendations!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

More exciting stuff....

There is so much going on right now....its awesome to be a few years into adulthood. Its amazing to be growing up. To look at where we were 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, and see where we are now. Many paths were laid, many were changed. Over time, people you know, become people you knew.

My last blog made mention of my pride in several of my friends professional lives....but I can't ignore my friends' personal lives. Just this month Patrick is closing on his first house and Robert Sims is going to become a dad, and I found out that Sara is getting married. How exciting! Everyone is growing up. Its hard not to be excited when exciting things are happening. I can not wait to see what the next 5 years holds for us.

I wish the best of fortune and grace to my family and my friends' families and future famalies. I'm proud to say that you have impacted my life.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Congratulations!! New Businesses are borne!

I would like to send out a congratulations and the best of fortunes to Todd Munchnik and Joe Chavez. Both of them have taken the plunge and opened up their own retail stores in the last 6 months. Todd in K.C. and Joe in Kentucky.

Retail is a bitch, and I envy them for having the balls to make things happen.

I can't congratulate Todd and Joe without making mention of Mike Sumner, who has been running his own business for some time now.

Noone can ever say that these three did not step up to the plate. I wish you all success, and you definitely have my respect.

As of Friday, I have also started my own project.

I also wanted to have a list of friends that I am proud of, on a professional level, but I was afraid that I would leave off too many people who would in turn get pissed at me (as if my opinion matters anyhoo!). But i am at the very least going to mention Dar, gar, Goof, and JU. I'm proud of you all!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

baseball...its playoff time!

I'm watching the Cardinal/Houston game and the Yankee/Red Sox game. These are the final 4 teams in the Major Leagues, yet when they throw to first sometimes the ball doesn't get to the first basemen's numbers. These are the best fielders in baseball yet every now and then the first basemen has to reach down to catch the ball, or even catch the ball on a one hop. Sometimes the throw is 3.5 feet to their left or 3.5 feet above their head, yet the first basemen is still able to catch it. Its quite amazing. These are professionals yet (its the 6th inning in both games) I have only seen 3 throws thrown to people where the ball has been at their chest.

Even the outfielders have trouble hitting their cut off men quite often. Its almost like that is the point of a cut off man, to make adjustments if necessary because the thrower rarely can get the ball to the target. Its almost like these people are taught to throw THROUGH the cutoff man and the cut off man is to be half way between the thrower and the person catching the ball, so if necessary he can CUT it off. Its almost like they're taught to play like there is no cut off man and the cut off man is supposed to be there to INTERCEPT the ball if necessary. Its the cut off man's job to be in position to intercept it and to tell the thrower where to throw it....(which by the way is never to the right side of the field when the ball is hit to left field and there is a runner on third....anyone who understands triangles understands that that makes a further throw!).

Wouldn't it be amazing, I mean simply amazing if a high school baseball player, or recreational softball player could consistently throw to the person's chest, or the outfielders consistently throw to the catcher/thirdbasemen etc...(then there wouldn't need any cut off men). Wouldn't it be expected that a 7th grader (or a 25 year old girl) be able to catch any ball within a 3.5 foot radius of their chest. Wouldn't it be laughable if a 7th grader (or a 25 year old girl) could not catch a ball thrown outside of a 1.5 foot radius of the center of their chest. Wouldn't that be like throwing to Pedro's midget playing 1st base?

What if a firstbasemen who has the range of a midget (yet is 6'1) harshly criticized a throw to first which was thrown from LEFT FIELD where the ball was 2 feet out off the ground and yet the firsbasemen still didn't even catch the ball. Let's also say this outfielder never claimed he could throw, he just keeps his mouth shut and watched the firstbasemen miss balls that would be caught if a 7th grader or a 25 year old girl was playing the position. Oh and lets say you hit 2 homeruns in this game...and when this criticizer bats (and he thinks he is good) he consistently hits it deep in the infield or shallow in the outfield....never ever any further than the better girls in this league.

The person who I am talking about is the only person in the world to think this blog is wrong (besides "jr" who will point out that most 25 year old girls can not be expected to catch a ball).

I am not good and baseball. I am not good at softball. I am not accurate when I throw. I need cut off men. I am not good at basketball. I can't play the guitar. I would never tell a good guitarist who has played guitar all his life that part of his playing was wrong. Because even his worst songs are infinitely better then my muse inspired strums.

If you can't do, then don't talk.

Just some things I'm allowed to wonder because this site is called "What's eating Greggie Greg."

Its a game. Its always a game. Let it be fun.

:-) have fun.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry.

How naive of a country are we? Are there honestly people out there that believe that the war is over anything other than oil? I firmly believe that a $10M or $100M check did not get passed under the table to someone in the Bush camp. So Bush is using his "gang" (aka the US armed forces) to bully the Mid East.

1) I am not an economist, but if inflation runs at 3 or 4% a year (or whatever it averages) then of COURSE the cost of oil per barrell will be at an all time high.
2) If Bush is trying to defend our countries demand for energy, then why doesn't he try a different approach. Why doesn't he try spending billions of dollars developing alternative energy (e.g hydrogen, piss, solar, fuel cell, etc.), instead of billions of dollars fighting people with an antiquated energy stash. (Simply because this is about him, and not about us).
3) And this is me really dumbing it down for those that are still ignorant to what we're not told.
Lets say that Italy has a market controlling production of kethcup. If Kerry, who's money comes from Kethcup started a war with Italy, then would we still accept him as a leader? Yet that is what we're doing with Bush. Bush and his money come from oil. This war is all about him.
4) Let's say you were a career counselor. What is the highest level of leadership that you would place Bush? I personally would have him lead a team of 2 at a snow cone store. But I would be hard pressed to find an intelligent person who would have him manage anything with more than 300 people...let alone 300 Million.

Alright so those are some of the reasons why I won't vote for Bush.

1) I don't know anything about him. I can't he's told who to be, and he's not polished enough to prove to me that he isn't an intelligent puppet....(aka a Republican or Democrat)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The most difficult thing in life.....

The most difficult thing in life.....is not being able to listen to DMX or Eminem 24 hours a day.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Shut up! and listen.

The people with the best stories, keep their mouth shut.

If someone talks. Listen.

You might "know" an answer. But if you listened, then you would learn the answer.

If you stopped thinking about what you are going to say next, then you might learn something.

If you are thinking that you do already know how to listen, then you are who I am talking about.

Listen. Don't rebut. Don't criticize. Listen.

Disclaimer: This is not about anyone in particular. This is to the human race. I hate having to put this disclaimer in here, but people are ego-centric. (I doubt that I have posted on my blog anything not directed at american humanity)

Bottomline: Shut up and listen.

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