Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry.

How naive of a country are we? Are there honestly people out there that believe that the war is over anything other than oil? I firmly believe that a $10M or $100M check did not get passed under the table to someone in the Bush camp. So Bush is using his "gang" (aka the US armed forces) to bully the Mid East.

1) I am not an economist, but if inflation runs at 3 or 4% a year (or whatever it averages) then of COURSE the cost of oil per barrell will be at an all time high.
2) If Bush is trying to defend our countries demand for energy, then why doesn't he try a different approach. Why doesn't he try spending billions of dollars developing alternative energy (e.g hydrogen, piss, solar, fuel cell, etc.), instead of billions of dollars fighting people with an antiquated energy stash. (Simply because this is about him, and not about us).
3) And this is me really dumbing it down for those that are still ignorant to what we're not told.
Lets say that Italy has a market controlling production of kethcup. If Kerry, who's money comes from Kethcup started a war with Italy, then would we still accept him as a leader? Yet that is what we're doing with Bush. Bush and his money come from oil. This war is all about him.
4) Let's say you were a career counselor. What is the highest level of leadership that you would place Bush? I personally would have him lead a team of 2 at a snow cone store. But I would be hard pressed to find an intelligent person who would have him manage anything with more than 300 people...let alone 300 Million.

Alright so those are some of the reasons why I won't vote for Bush.

1) I don't know anything about him. I can't he's told who to be, and he's not polished enough to prove to me that he isn't an intelligent puppet....(aka a Republican or Democrat)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

snow cones all around, BUSH WINS! BUSH WINS! FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!

Sun Nov 14, 06:08:00 PM EST  

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