Friday, October 01, 2004

Shut up! and listen.

The people with the best stories, keep their mouth shut.

If someone talks. Listen.

You might "know" an answer. But if you listened, then you would learn the answer.

If you stopped thinking about what you are going to say next, then you might learn something.

If you are thinking that you do already know how to listen, then you are who I am talking about.

Listen. Don't rebut. Don't criticize. Listen.

Disclaimer: This is not about anyone in particular. This is to the human race. I hate having to put this disclaimer in here, but people are ego-centric. (I doubt that I have posted on my blog anything not directed at american humanity)

Bottomline: Shut up and listen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I've been thinking that for years. Although I myself fall victim to talking before listening as well, mostly when I've been drinking but that's no excuse.


Fri Nov 26, 03:39:00 PM EST  

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