Friday, May 12, 2006

Where has greggie greg been?

Posts have become less frequent lately. My work blocked out any url containing "blog" so now I can't update this at work.....which is usually when I have something to rant about and happen to be in front of a computer.

I havent really been home either. I have alot of projects going on at once right now. I've actually been too busy to rant.

I dont like that.

You need time to sit back and learn from what you are experiencing. I am going to fast to look back and learn. Some people learn from experiences. Reflection on your experiences gets you to the next level.

Thats something I do often. I need to slow down so I can catch up with my last 45 days.

Slowing down doesnt mean taking on less. It means managing time and energy better.

Its been crazy.


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