Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Government's job, is not to raise revenue!

The following was an email I received from a distribution list I am on:

New Tax for Florissant Residents

At the last Council meeting March 27, the City agenda had bill e8203 on it for the first reading, but it received all 3 readings and became a law effective 4/1/2006.

It allows Florissant to collect 5% sales tax on all Florissant residents Cell phone bills.

The state passed a bill late last year that allowed the local government bodies to collect the Utility tax on cell bills as a way of making up for the taxes listed due to residents moving from a land line to cell. The state wanted the results to be revenue neutral for the Citizens and local governments. As of now, no rate adjustments on the land lines have been ordered by the state.

The City not wanting to miss out on this money took the approach that they would pass a bill that would allow them to collect the tax on cell phone at the same rate as the land lines (5%). There was no provision in the bill requiring the City to adjust the rate or issue refunds when the state comes out with guidelines.

I ask, what is the City doing for the citizens? These are the people you have looking out for your interest? Why couldn't your elected official insist that your interest and rights be protected? Why couldn’t they enact a law that was in line with the State's action?

How hard would it be for the Director of Finance for the City to figure out what revenue neutral would be? Maybe we are over paying the staff?

This is just another example of why we cannot miss the council meetings.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also Florissant just went live with traffic camera's at several high traffic intersections. Instead of Florrisant catching few red light runners now they will catch them with with 100% accuracy. So when you get a ticket not only do you get a ticket & fine issued from an automated system, you have to pay the court fees associated with it even if you forgo your court date and just pay the fine. See the money Florrisant is racking up here? They don't have to pay an actual cop to traffic-sit which probably allows for a reduction in cop hours and they collect court costs for which most people never go to. Assholes. What will Flotown do with all of that money? Probaby "shittify" Florrisant by putting the mayors name on more subdivisions and highway hedgestones.


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