Thursday, March 16, 2006

Think for yourself.

Your parents abuse you. They take your money to support themselves. I am talking about the government. I am talking about taxes.

Is Bin Laden an enemy? Watch this entire video.

or this one:

is this accurate? Is it not? The important thing is quit believing what you are sold!

We are somewhat in control here. Quit voting Republican. Quit voting Democrat. They are the same party, having a party, with your money, and your lives.

Eventually, we will get our country back if you quit electing these two parties. This starts at the lowest level (e.g. see my posts on Florissant, and goes up to the Presidency).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny you post the video to Loose Change as I just watched that recently. Everything they said about the WTC is absolutely 100% true...many Physics professors are on record saying it's impossible (not improbable but impossible) for the WTCs to collapse from fire. It's a shame our gov't would resort to such tactics although it has happened in the past (Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, etc) and will probably happen again.

"They are the same party..."
I couldn't agree more. Good post.


Thu Mar 16, 11:05:00 AM EST  

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