Thursday, March 02, 2006

Persistence beats Resistence.....Another Letter to Florissant Mayor Lowery.

Dear Mayor,

if this link is your concern w/ regards to why you are trying to enact the rental house inspection fiasco:


than just make it easier for us investor's to acquire these vacant houses. I read that article and drooled. I wish I could just buy these neglected houses! Give me the list, and I will track the owners down and make sure investors buy these houses! I know my circle of mentors would love me and you if we could provide a list of neglected/abandoned properties, especially if the city supports us.

Part of politics is making it easier for us to succeed, instead of taking away opportunities.

"The greatest way to enslave people is to offer them freedom" ......I beg of you, please stop taking away our freedoms....give us opportunities instead. No fly, person, city, or state has ever grown by being limited, only by being fed opportunities to grow. The glass is half full here, and we can fill it more, if you let us. We are called investors for a reason...we are investing in our (and your families) futures.

Geri and Karen....thanks for dealing with me and my emails. :-)

Thank you, and have a great day!


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