Monday, February 06, 2006

An atheist seeks god.

Yesterday a buddy and I went to this church.

I am not going to already claim to know what they believe. Essentially it seems that they hedge all bets and believe everything. They follow the beliefs of Christianity, Buddiasm, Judiasm, Islam, etc....because they figure one of them has to be right...and you can learn something from each of them. Sages come in various forms.

The first 30 minutes was a waste of time. It was hell. It was listening to some 86 year old swami retell a story of how he met some other swami in the 1920s or 30s. It was rather difficult to listen to this old guy from India try to speak english and try to remember his story, which carried no meaning in my life.

But then the next 30 minutes he started talking religion/philopsophy. It started to get interesting. He gave the standard catholic speach. Notice I am being ironic there. Catholic means universal.....that is despite the catholic religion being one of the most narrow minded sects of any belief system. Notice I said "sects" when talking about have no idea how much I am giggling to myself at all my subtle and cryptic jokes I am making right now. But back to the universality of this "Vedanta Religion."

The standard univeral speach is as follows: We are all one consciousness, we are all one. Nothing is beautiful, because everything is beautiful. The swami went as far to say that all the women in the audience who think they are beautiful are not, because there are no values because everything is one. Which I thought was ludicris, because the blonde sitting two seats in front of me was clearly beautiful, especially when compared to the girls who were not her. But I understood what he was saying. Its actually an impressive thought, almost buddhist. He went further to say that the world can be seen in a grain a sand, because we are all one....and so forth.

I was intrigued by this philosophy. But I couldn't get over one thing. War. War is clearly not beautiful. There is no beauty in war. I know the Swami would have a retort for this confusion fodder of mine, but I didn't have the balls to ask him about it.

The point to this post is: there are other beliefs out there. Before you cling to yours, educate yourself and derive your own beliefs from everything you learn. Don't just believe something because its in a book, or because moral stories were handed down over several millienium. Believe something that is true, regardless of what you were told to believe.

....because the masses tend to be wrong.


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