Monday, January 23, 2006

My solution to Florissant's rental property inspection ordinance.

If I complain about a problem, I damn well better have a solution. Critics are worthless...anyone can criticize. I've been bouncing emails back and forth with my council person. Here is my solution, as copied from an email:


can I at least propose this:

Have a $25-40 initial inspection. If material problems exist, require another inspection 6 months later, at a higher charge. If further problems exist another 6 months later have an even high charge. Once the house passes inspection give us another 3 to 5 years before the next inspection.

By having escalating penalties you do not penalize the landlords like me. I keep good care of my houses. I want my tenants to be comfortable. I want them to rent a home, and not a house. This isn't necessarily because I am a nice guy....its because by keeping my house in great condition I can charge more rent, have less turnover, and most importantly make my money off of the appreciation when I sell the house down the road. My style increases property values.

...and by giving my tenants a few years between inspections, it is not so intrusive on their privacy. Imagine the level of babysitting that they are going to feel over this. They are not second class citizens, they just rent instead of fact my tenants actually make more than I do. :-) and for those tenants that don't stay for a few years, Florissant will go ahead and have the occupancy permit inspection, just as it always has.

Escalating inspection penalties is more than reasonable. I will comply with any guideline above what is requested of me....and in return I only request that the government that represents me does that: represent me and give me a chance to make my tenants happy, make me a little bit of money, and make Florissant a nicer place than it was before me. Can you and your council give me the chance to do that? :-)

Please strongly consider this solution, and let me know your thoughts. :-)


her thoughts were that it will be reevaluated...this doesn't mean the ordinance will change, but just getting them to reevaluate it is a win for both landlords, tenants, and Florissant as a whole.


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