Thursday, December 29, 2005

Be Independant....everything else is Dependant (on selfish idiots).

I stare at the ceiling, wheeling and dealing,
I'm awake, but I'm dreaming.
Of my generation overcoming the forced penetration of our nation.
I'm drowning in delusions of revolutions, and solutions, and evolutions.

We're an insecure bully, hollow inside.
We have freedom of speech, without freedom of change.
We elect idiots.
We impose our will on other countries, so we can take their oil. I am not talking about the Middle East.
Our Judicial system is a joke.
Our constitution is outdated.
The Peace Corps are used to be a friendly face in the places we rape.
Politicians are liars.
More people get shot to death in the US by us, than they do in wars. It is clearly a passive civil war, that can not end because the NRA owns politicians.
My taxes are never used what I want them to be used for. Nor are yours.
We fight Iraq, and ignore Katrina. Why?
We think we are rich, but the average American has 8k in credit card debt, and the government has several trillion in increasing debt. Think about that. Think about who is rich. The government's debt is in the form of Treasury and Savings Bonds and Bills. Who owns those bonds? Foreign Countries. We are borrowing money from other countries. Other countries have the money. We have things. The lenders are making money off their money (interest) as we use our things that will need to be replaced.

We have two political parties that are the exact same.

We still drive automobiles that run off of explosions 4 feet in front of us. How ancient is that? So in the last 150 years we have found a way to instantly communicate with each other using 1s and 0s traveling through the air, but we still need to have simultaneous explosions to propel our vehicles? Politician's and friends make money off of oil and car companies' lobbyist. You do understand this right? We could be traveling at 150 mph, with virtually no accidents, and 0 emissions, if the decisions makers wanted. (I'll save this idea for another post).

We have no cure for the COMMON cold.

Our leaders and leadees should do what's best for the whole, at all times.

Please next time around vote for anyone who is not Republican or Democratic. Let's see something different. Let's see some brains, instead of greedy and selfish puppetry.

Don't wake me from my dream!


Anonymous a a r o n said...

damn. that was rad. got me thinkin'
thank you

Sat Jan 07, 01:00:00 AM EST  

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