Tuesday, January 31, 2006

3 posts in one day! That is a record.

For 6 months now I have said Google's stock is over priced. When it was at 450, (just a few weeks ago!) thirty-eight analyst said to buy more.

Greggie said to short it.

Well as of this second it's at 360.

All of these experts that won't hire me because I didn't go to college for this just lost their clients literally billions of dollars.

Now if analysts had balls, they will say GOOG is a strong buy now....if they liked it at 450, then they have got to love it at 369. But that won't happen, they will all start to switch to "Hold" and "Sell".

I have a complex where I think everyone underestimates me...because everyone underestimates me!

Dear Analysts and Mutual Fund Managers: "I told you so." Its published and date stamped. Its on my blog. I've been saying to sell....while nearly all of you have been saying to buy.

....and MSFT is going to knock another leg out from Google's table in 2006.

The masses are always wrong. At least Greggie is sometimes right.


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