Monday, February 27, 2006

Democracy InAction (title stolen from the Daily Show)...Florissant Mayor Lowery shows that ignoring is bliss

I sent this email to Florissant at My email:

I have sent several emails, and left several voice mails regarding contributing to the committee pertaining to Ordinance, # 7220. All have been ignored.

If you would truly like to prove to your citizens that you would like to work together on this, like you said over and over, than please allow a landlord and tenant on your committee. (I do not mean the 2 or 3 landlords who are for this, I mean the other side). Please allow me on this committee so we can work together.

This is going to come down to a lawsuit against Florissant. You know this. What greater dis-service can you do, than to allow us to sue ourselves because we are unhappy with the way we are being governed. We will have to pay for our lawyers, and as a taxpayer I will have to pay for Florissant's lawyers. Please do not let this get this far.

Please allow me on this committee.


I sent the below email to Paul Harris (an STL radio personality) at

Good day Paul,

Please check out the below link:

Florissant is stepping over the line.

Please note that post includes a few links with objections and a solution. Florissant is stepping way over the line here, and isn't listening to what we are saying. They care about their image, and not their citizens. Maybe you can help us get more publicity so we can kick them where it hurts: their image. They want us to be the West County of North County, but they take the wrong steps to do so. We should try to bring high income people in, instead of trying to keep low income people out. (as a side note, my tenants make more than me!...I am low income, not my tenants!). I have also suggested a way to do that, and their response was I am idealistic....even though its called realism in other cities.




Please send emails.

*******************UPDATE 12:08******Update:

I told a friend that the mayor's assistent replied and said she would make sure he heard my request. My friend in turn asked if I thought he'd listen.

My reply:

absolutely not.

persistence beats resistence, but stupidity reigns.

I think he will reply with: thank you for your thoughts, we are looking into this further and look forward to reaching a plan that benefits everyone.

translation: we are waiting until after the april elections before we impose this on you....oh and by the way I formed this committee of 3 people so the other council people wouldn't get harassed as much, now its just 3 council people getting tied up in this instead of 9ish. Oh and even if I let you on the committee I wouldn't listen to a thing you said, but it would allow me the chance to say "we even had a landlord on the committee and still decided that its in florissant's best interest to do this."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another city goverment possibly overstepping it's bounds.

I wonder how Black Jack landlords feel about this one.


Tue Feb 28, 03:16:00 PM EST  

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