Sunday, March 12, 2006

You better hit bull's eye, this kid don't play.

Want to see something that will change the world?

iPod is neat. I liked it 9 years ago when it was called a RIO. The above is what's next.

You will see people carrying the above in 2-3 years...I'm curious to see how long until this is mainstream though.

10 years ago I had a PDA that could connect to the internet, and I said that would be mainstream in a few years and change the world. I didn't think it'd take as long as it has...I can predict what products make sense, but I can't predict whether companies will market them properly. I really missed the boat when I thought Iomega Zip drives would be in every computer built, and I thought MP3s would be mainstream 7 or 8 years before Apple sold their first iPOD. Both first movers failed at marketing....they failed at creating a need for the product, and an awareness that their product fills that need. Just look at iPod's success. The masses think iPod started the mp3 player fad. But like I said, I paid $50 for an mp3 player in the mid 1990s!

If nothing else, my birthday is May 31st. Please feel free to buy me an Origami ultra portable PC.

Also, leave me comments. What do you think of Origami. Why won't it catch on? When will it catch on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this will help out many working individuals (ie: cable installers, insurance adjusters, traveling salesmen, doctors, hospitals, etc...) so they can get rid of clumsy laptops. This device will be more of a convenience factor. As far as everyday "office" people which is where the majority of PC's are, i don't think this will be a big deal as this device would be susceptible to theft and easier to break than a 50 pound tower. These are an asset managers worst nightmare. The office scene is going to probably use thin clients more as applications will become "online" based and not bound or executed on the user's physical hard drive. Upper management could potentially use this device to replace their own laptop because we all know that all they do is check email and are in meetings all day, they have their secretary takes notes, draft emails, and manage their schedule (wish i was there already!!!). This is also a cool tool for the techno geek. That would be cool if it also operated as a cell phone, however you could VOIP with this with the proper hardware as it has bluetooth. How much smaller can we get and still maintain reasonableness and usefulness (and this is still resonable)? Pretty soon we'll see some Zoolander laptop that you have to use toothpicks to hit the buttons but i would imagine before we get to that point it would all be voice reconition controlled or brain activity controlled with the video displayed through your contacts.


Mon Mar 13, 06:15:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If more cities, unlike Florissant, offered free wireless, then it would catch on a lot faster.

Mon Mar 13, 06:27:00 PM EST  
Blogger Greg said...

dickens....the video is rather long, and I dont expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but it is built for VOIP with the current hardware. In fact the engineer addresses that there are two mics to optimize speaker phone...apparantly it cancels noise AND lets the device be smart enough to know where the user is. Its also built to have wireless internet anywhere as long as (like you noticed) it is sitting next to your blue tooth enabled phone.

and to the second commentor, this is being built in anticipation of more municipalities distributing wifi.

Ah, I love this stuff!!!!!!!!! Its not cool....its next!

Mon Mar 13, 11:28:00 PM EST  

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