Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Open Message to "You"

You are smarter than me.
You are more knowledgable than me.
You have more experience than me.
You are more athletic than me.
You are more open minded than me. I wish I was as open minded as you.
You understand things that I think that I understand.
You are a better writer than me.
You have a larger vocabulary than me.
Your grammar is better than mine.
You are better looking than me.
You have better luck with the ladies than me.
You have more money than me.
You are funnier than me.
You are more gregarious than me.
You can cook better than me.
You are more clean than me.
Things that seem like common sense to me, really are for you.
You are never wrong. I always am.
You have traveled more than me.
My house is crappy.
You were brought up wealthier than me. (I was brought up poor, my mom made my clothes).
You are more humble than me.
You are more reasonable than me.
You are better than me at everything.
You are smarter than me.

I firmly believe all of the above. I can not be(at) "you." Why must you argue with me so much. Why must you try to prove to yourself and anyone around any of the above? You know its true. Thats why you feel the need to tell me.

Am I a confident person. Hell yes. You have everything on the above list. But you will never outwork me. You will never try more than me. I am proud of me. I have earned and worked at everything I have and know. I don't have or know as much as you, but what I have is mine. It was easy for you, or maybe you tried a little bit. But I am confident, because I am proud. I am ambitious, because I have earned ambition.

I just want to be the best me. I am who I am. And its all I'm ever going to be.

Can't you just get along with me? Will you always misunderstand me?

Please quit arguing with me. You win. You always have.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Cable companies

After seeing the music industry revolutionized from CD to MP3 so quickly, I can't believe the question of movies haven't been tackled sooner.

1) Innovation. When are cable companies going to think outside the box? Video on Demand should put Blockbuster out of business (unless Blockbuster uses a server to harddrive idea of movie rentals). But VOD isn't any good yet. The movie selection is weak, and the navigation to find the movies is piss poor at best. Also, using portable storage devices is a GREAT idea, a revolutionary idea. But what will happen in a few years when bandwidth increases?

2) Integration. Right now many people have a computer in their house (we have 7) and several TVs. When is a company going to fully integrate the two? Furthermore when is a company (Charter would be ideal) going to allow users to purchase what they see on TV. This would do away with commercials as we know them. For instance, you can click on Kobe's shoes and be able to buy a pair just like them...furthermore Amazon.com type companies would pay a premium to be the store of choice. This would revolutionize TV/advertising/retail, yet noone is doing it.

What are your thoughts?

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Is college worth the time and effort?

It depends on what you want in life. College does not get you more money. It can't. College gives you an education. It gives you another tool in your toolbelt to complete jobs. Its what you do with your education that makes you money. How many successful business people have graduated college? No one in my professional life has ever asked me about college, or cares what I learned there. But they know I can get stuff done. Its not what I learned in college, its that I learned. I learned how to learn.

Aside from networking, I have not seen anything more valuable in the professional world that the ability to acquire knowledge, and then do something with that knowledge.

So why am I writing all of this? Because I am tired of school. I am frustrated as hell with it. I have been arguing with the Dean for the last week. It is too slow. I have been there a year and have not learned a thing. I could have spent that year learning on my own. I am debating on learning on my own, or finishing school. Since I don't want to regret it later, I am going to go another semester and then re-guage things.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

How come?

"How come we don't even talk no more?
And you don't even call no more
We don't barely keep in touch at all
And I don't even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin' now
After all the years we been down
Ain't no way, no how, this bullshit can't be true
We family and ain't a damn thing changed, unless it's you

You ran the streets, I 9 to 5'd it
We grew up, grew apart, as time went by us
Then I blew up to both yours and mine surprises
Now I feel a vibe, I just can't describe it
As much as your pride tries to hide it
You're cold, your touch, it's just like ice
In your eyes is the look of resentment
I can sense it, and I don't like it."

-Greg quoting Eminem

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