Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simple Solution to Baseball's Steroid Crisis.

A-Rod has been in the news a lot lately. You cant seem to turn on sports TV and not hear about him......and just like always no one is talking about him for winning games. Its all about him admitting to taking Performance Enhancing Drugs.

I take the stance "who cares". We all know the negativcs of steroids (your balls shrink, and you get angry), but are there really any negative side affects to HGH or anything else......and if so isnt the ultimate penalty to these athletes whatever that side affect is? Let's say for example that Barry Bonds dies 5 years younger because of whatever he took........well, that seems like a harsh enough penalty.

I personally would never take anything. I'm a semi competetive runner and I wont even drink caffiene......but that doesnt mean I've got a problem with anyone else doing just means I have to try harder, or be willing to deal with the (supposed) side effects of drugs.

So with all that being said, IF baseball decides to do anything about asterix and what not, then I have the perfect solution.:

1) Baseball has a list of 104 players that were caught years ago.
2) Any current player on the list (including A-Rod) should be suspended a year. This will make it nearly impossible for A-Rod to ever get to "best career ever" level stats.
3) Any retired player on the list should have there last year's stats removed as if they were suspended. This is magical. It gives the Home Run record back to Hank Aaron (if Bonds is on the list), and it get Sosa below the magical 600 home run mark.
4) This would show that Selig made a move to address Performance Enhancing Drugs and would save the integrity of the game.

Its the perfect solution.......other then just letting players live with smaller balls or dying early or whatever side affects there are to these drugs.


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