Tuesday, May 23, 2006


So, I am against our government as much as someone who pays taxes and doesnt get in trouble can be.

If the government did not want us to speed or run red lights the fines would be $25,000. I assure you I would go 39 in 45s if I was going to get fined 25k. But nooooo its a revenue generator to give tickets. They don't care about how safe you drive.
As I thought about the above and how much I hate that the government rapes you and me and we act like your standard college girl who gets raped and doesn't tell on the bastard I came up with something that added to my depression.

I decided I wanted to anex a section of the country and start my own rules. This thought became something that really became interesting until my logic slammed me into this road block.

If I were able to anex, I will just be like every other country that gets raped by the U.S. No country or person is safe from the reign of terror called the U.S. government. They terrorize whomever they please with no immediate recourse.

It pisses me off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too hate people who dont speed enough. The speed limit should be simple:

1 lane - go at least what is posted, faster to the point you keep the car on the road.

2 lanes - same as above plus for the left lane if someone is behind you either go faster or get in the right lane.

3+ lanes - if someone is behind you go faster or move to the right untill no one wants to pass you. simple.

look forward to the molestation

Wed May 24, 01:11:00 PM EDT  

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