Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Welfare in Sports

Read this article.

its like welfare in sports!.....isnt part of growing up getting knocked down? its the players that lose by 50 and still fight that learn a bigger life lesson than those teams that win by 50. resilience is more important that domination. Domination is temporary, resilience is forever.

not to mention they are penalizing the successful teams!

I want to live to see a game where some team wins in basketball by 100, or some team score 100 in football. If you can win by 20, why not try to win by 200. I know if someone is playing me and I am down by 1000, I am still going to try to come back and win. Isn't that was sports is about? Learning lessons from losing. Learning Resilance.

If you get knocked down 7 times, get up 8.

Or in some states, if you get knocked down 7 times, the state will bail you out so its not any worse. What a welfare way of looking at sports.

I am disappointed!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


So, I am against our government as much as someone who pays taxes and doesnt get in trouble can be.

If the government did not want us to speed or run red lights the fines would be $25,000. I assure you I would go 39 in 45s if I was going to get fined 25k. But nooooo its a revenue generator to give tickets. They don't care about how safe you drive.
As I thought about the above and how much I hate that the government rapes you and me and we act like your standard college girl who gets raped and doesn't tell on the bastard I came up with something that added to my depression.

I decided I wanted to anex a section of the country and start my own rules. This thought became something that really became interesting until my logic slammed me into this road block.

If I were able to anex, I will just be like every other country that gets raped by the U.S. No country or person is safe from the reign of terror called the U.S. government. They terrorize whomever they please with no immediate recourse.

It pisses me off.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Where has greggie greg been?

Posts have become less frequent lately. My work blocked out any url containing "blog" so now I can't update this at work.....which is usually when I have something to rant about and happen to be in front of a computer.

I havent really been home either. I have alot of projects going on at once right now. I've actually been too busy to rant.

I dont like that.

You need time to sit back and learn from what you are experiencing. I am going to fast to look back and learn. Some people learn from experiences. Reflection on your experiences gets you to the next level.

Thats something I do often. I need to slow down so I can catch up with my last 45 days.

Slowing down doesnt mean taking on less. It means managing time and energy better.

Its been crazy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I hate George W. Bush (I also hate Florissant Mayor Lowery)

These are real.



Learn the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Do NOT watch this at work!!!!


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