Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Greggie starts considering GOOG stock

As you know, I am in love with Google the company and am against buying google the stock.

Well, i may be changing my stance on google's stock....(I havent yet, but I may).....i have a feeling they are going to use their distribution power to take on ebay......which would be a huge coo.....all along i thought they were going to take on overlooked ebay.....(I thought they'd stop at, which merely takes on craig's list.)

see they can have their own paypal system (where ebay actually makes their money)......but control distribution of internet sales by tying in search to auctions. An example would be if you searched for Kansas City Royals. You would get ads directly to auction items of Royals memorabelia. This would destroy anyone out there accept amazon.....and it would create a lot of small retail companies live off of they do for ebay now......i have no idea how to word how much this will change the game.....if they do it.

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