Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Passion. You don't really see too much of it. If you have passion you know it. If you have passion those around you know it. Its in your eyes. It is that drive. That intangible fire that burns in that place that most people don't know about.

Kevin Garnett, an NBA player, was interviewed a few days ago. He cried. It made me want to cry. Why? He was talking about winning. I'm not going to get into his story here, but the bottomline is he is so passionate about winning that it physically breaks him down to think about not winning.

What are you passionate about? Is there any passion that consumes you so much that it's all you sleep, drink, eat, and breathe. Do you know what its like to shed tears, not sleep, and sacrifice to feed your passion?

I hope so.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hockey vs Basketball.

The NBA should be kicking the NHL while they are down! They can steal a majority of the NHL fans (the ones that don't hate basketball because minorities play.). But the NBA is just going about the season as if this opportunity does not exist. They have a chance to monopolize the Winter Sports Season!.

So I sent the following email to Mark Cuban owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team in response to his blog post @

> Mark, there is another way to lose $1B. The NBA is doing it right now. This affects YOUR pocket book. Its called opportunity cost.

How and why is the NBA neglecting to monopoloize the Winter sports season? Why isn't the NBA marketing like there's no tomorrow to steal all the hockey fans that need something to watch?

As an NBA fan and a fan of business in general. I am more disappointed with the NBA not making a huge push while the NHL is down. The NBA is losing more of an opportunity right now then the NHl.


Mark's response to my email:

i agree.. our guys arent smart enough to grab the chance

thanks, M


As a related note, I was going to write a rant about the slam dunk competition, but I got on ESPN and saw this article. Which is the exact same thing I was going to say. I would also allow amateurs to compete for the $1M prize. Think about it...the Rutgers Park guys in a slam dunk competition with Kobe, TMac, Vince, Richardson, etc. The NBA is missing an opportunity here.

But the bottomline...I love basketball, and its time for me to go watch some!

Monday, February 14, 2005

I hate Nascar and the NHL.

Quick quiz which makes me hate people more, the NHL or Nascar?

First the facts:

-Noone in Natcar speaks intelligible English (or anything intelligible for that matter).
-Natcar fans go to watch the danger of idiots racing next to each other and brick walls at 150 mph, and then mourn and become surprised when someone dies? If they went for the racing and not the death then they would get the same enjoyment out of watching Rascals race.
-Natcar goes in a freakin oval. They are racing to see who gets to the starting point the quickest. Here's an idea. Just stay still. You'll get to the starting point quicker, cheaper, and safer than anyone else...because you are already there!
-News Flash to Natcar fans: The civil war is over. You lost.
-Dale Ernhardt was mildly retarded.
-The fans drink Busch Light, beat their wives, and like vehicles so much that they put wheels on their homes. Whats worse is they call them "mobile homes" which implies that they will ever move out of there. Don't kid yourself, your house isn't mobile. You aren't going anywhere.
-Every racer has the same first name or last name as someone else. If I didn't know any better I'd say we had some inbreeding going on.
-I know I will not offend any nascar fans because, let's face it, I used multi-syllable words a few times in this post. (hint: "multi-syllable" is not a new type of engine, get a dictionary)

-the barriers to entry are self-destructive. It costs too much to play other pro sport costs more than $10 to play.
-it is cold.
-The only way you can play ice hockey is to grow up rich, or to live in the 10% of the world that is only cold. News flash: People move to Florida and California to get away from constant ice. Its obvious that they prefer feeling the warmth in their toes over watching figure skaters with sticks do whatever they can to slam their hip into another mans pelvis.
-The players get penalized for being gay, (e.g. "holding", "too many men on the ice", "high sticking", "pushing from behind", yet get rewarded for being gay: The Lady Bing...and they have gay names, such as SirGay. Way to confuse the sexual preference out of all your players, eh?
-Gangsters hate hockey. Way to lose a demographic that wastes all their money on whatever an athlete markets. When was the last time you heard some kid say he just spend $200 on Federovs (that costs 5 bucks to make!)?
-The employees (NHL players) don't understand that they cost more than they are bringing in. Stupid.
-The athletes are entertainers. Most entertainers change their name so that people can pronounce their names. Not hockey.

So the answer to the quiz is this:

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Super Bowl ad Humor that you missed

The MBNA ad featured Gladys Knight playing rugby.

What you missed is that the position they had her play was a "Hooker."

No doubt the writers did this intentionally. No doubt that all of america missed this humor.

Super Bowl Side Note: Congrats to Tom Brady on another Superbowl win. Very impressive feat.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Everyone is fat.

I like to think of myself as an armchair scientist/statitician. Over the past 5 years I have been accumulating libraries worth of data/statistics/figures/and observations. What have I discovered?

Everyone is fat.

Seriously. It is so out of hand that even people that are 10% overweight are thought of as being normal. (me).

I look around. All I see is fat people.

Southwest Airlines has a policy where if you are fat you have to buy 2 plane tickets if the plane is almost full. Every vendor should adopt that. Every fat person should be charged 2x for everything they buy. They should be taxed 2x. (And 3x as much for insurance).

Are you fat? To find out use this simple formula:

[(Weight)(Age)+(Height in inches) ]/1

e.g. multiply your weight by your age, next add in your height in inches, finally divide everything by 1.

If you got a whole number than you should probably quit eating so much, and start exercising more.

Why? Because your are fat.

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