Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Congratulations!! New Businesses are borne!

I would like to send out a congratulations and the best of fortunes to Todd Munchnik and Joe Chavez. Both of them have taken the plunge and opened up their own retail stores in the last 6 months. Todd in K.C. and Joe in Kentucky.

Retail is a bitch, and I envy them for having the balls to make things happen.

I can't congratulate Todd and Joe without making mention of Mike Sumner, who has been running his own business for some time now.

Noone can ever say that these three did not step up to the plate. I wish you all success, and you definitely have my respect.

As of Friday, I have also started my own project.

I also wanted to have a list of friends that I am proud of, on a professional level, but I was afraid that I would leave off too many people who would in turn get pissed at me (as if my opinion matters anyhoo!). But i am at the very least going to mention Dar, gar, Goof, and JU. I'm proud of you all!


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