Tuesday, October 11, 2005

AROD = Cancer

I am thoroughly convinced that AROD is the worst player in baseball and Jeter is the best.

This article gives the most recent example.

You see, any team that AROD is on loses. Yet we live in a country where highlights matter, and winning doesn't. I don't care that you and Barry Bonds are the most talented baseball players (possibly of all time). At least Barry doesn't hide the fact that he is a jackass. A-rod takes a different approach. He loses while acting like he's a team player.

Watch Jeter. He has confidence. He knows how to win. He has that swagger. He knows its his team that wins or loses. He's does everything a leader should do, (e.g. watch who the first person out to greet a player who just had a basehit or a homerun...its always jeter).

Watch A-Rod. He has cockiness. He knows he wants to win. He's insecure, and it shows. He's afraid of messing up.

Thats why Jeter has the rings, and A-rod has stats.

There are people like this in your life. There are people who have all the talent in the world, yet they bring people down because of their own insecurities. They have people that latch onto them. But they don't win.

Then there are the Jeters. These people quietly lead. They get the job done. They make those around them better, and those around them know it. Their teams win.


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