Sunday, October 09, 2005


For the less observant of you, I periodically make tweaks to this blog without telling you. Now I refuse to change content of my posts without telling you, but I sometimes add links under the archive section on the far right column. Check them out.

Others of you may have noticed the ad I put at the top. Now I clearly do not intend to make money off of that ad. I am merely experinmenting with google's revenue generator. See the ad conforms to the content on the page. So my post about stewie was to give it easy content to understand, which gave the ad clear demographics...a link to buy a stewie DVD.

Google is making a fortune off of these ads. Because they adapt to your page, the demographic audience can be targeted with precision. This leads to more qualified leads, which in turn leads to people willing to pay more for the ads. Google takes it one step further. People buying ad space actually auction for that space...highest bidder wins. Its most intriguing. For more info goto For your viewing pleasure I chose by far the smallest ad. I might ad larger ones just to experiment...I don't get enough hits to expect income off of it. (In the 10 days its been up I've made 13 thanks for various people who clicked on the ad! I am rich!)

******update.....immediately after posting this, I checked the update and the ad now says "buy goog stock for $4"....I in NO WAY endorse buying google stock...I'm not saying they're not good...I love google as a company.....but I do not have a stance one way or another on their stock price.


Anonymous √•aron said...

why you money hungry bastard!

Tue Oct 11, 06:44:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Greg said...

I am money hungry!...but this site doesn't get enough hits.

Think of a site that we can get 1000 to 10000 hits a day, and that would give us "some" income.

This blog only gets 10-15 hits a day...and I am up to sixty something cents, with the smallest ad avaiable.

Wed Oct 12, 08:48:00 AM EDT  

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