Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I didn't want to talk about it until David Banner and Kanye West did....

I try to avoid news. It is evil and biased. But I can not avoid hearing and overhearing whats going on on the Gulf Shore.

I am hearing more and more that our government's neglect is a racial issue. I am here to say it is not. It is not a white vs. black thing. It is not a rich vs poor thing. It is a government vs. poor black thing.

I keep hearing how whites as a whole are neglecting this. But thats not the case. Whites, blacks, reds, yellows, have all helped with this cause.

Just not the government. They have their own agenda. Many many whites don't agree with that agenda, but this is what we get for being in a democracy.

The logic behind this whole fiasco is scary. Look at how quick Bush reacted to nominated the chief justice a few days ago. Look at how quickly he reacted to Iraq, whom did not ask to be "saved" by democracy. Look at how quick he reacted to the Tsunami. Look at how he reacted to 9/11.

I am not saying that he should rebuild or save the Gulf Coast. I think the people that lived there were risking their lives to begin with. They lived in a bowl below sea water next to millions of gallons of water. If you shake the water it will fill the bowl. Its called logic. They screwed up by living below sea water and risking the inevitable. But if our government is going to spend billions on Iraq when Iraq should be left alone, or send billions to help the Tsunami people, than they need to react twice as "goodwill-ian" towards the Gulf Coast fiasco.

Instead our government showed their priorities.


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