Wednesday, November 03, 2004

democracy is a bad idea.

Democracy is a bad idea. It all comes down to this. By definition more than half of America has average or below average intelligence and judgment (which is funny because if you ask anyone what their IQ is they'll say 120 or higher....or that they are a good judge of character....but the average IQ mathematically HAS to be 100 ALWAYS....if you don't believe that than I expect you to believe that some things have a correlation of 1.1). Anyway, if half of the people deciding our leaders are average or below than how can they be expected to make the right choice...they are condemned to making a mediocre pick, or get lucky and make the right one.

Another way to look at it...there are companies that have been around longer than the US...were they a democracy. Is any company a democracy? Would you ask the assembly line workers how to balance the company's budget or who they think should?

Popularity should not be grounds for leadership! The best choice in anything is seldom the most popular one....(e.g. your parents telling you to eat your brussel sprouts, or the doctor grabbing your balls and telling you to cough....god I hate that)....or vice versa, religion. Look at how popular religion is. T'is the Opiate of the Masses, because the masses are stupid.

I am not saying this because Kerry lost....he was a douche bag also.

Noone denies that ALL politicians are thieves. Then why don't we change that! Why do we let things keep falling down, while we smile and think we are strong and powerful? You can spray shit on perfume, but its still shit.

We should be led by the most intelligent, moral, and selfless man or woman. We should not choose them, they should be chosen. How is the hard part? I imagine testing would be the best option. (anyone who read Plato's Republic will be familiar with "the Philosopher King", which is what started me thinking this). We need a Franklin, or a Mark Twain, or a Socrates. These people cared about Truth and the pursuance of it. They were not concerned with making themselves wealthy.

Where are the wise, moral, selfless men?


Blogger tony said...

democracy is the best in history so far. no, its not perfect, but again its the bust so far. the important thing is that we dont' resort to socialism or communism, that has proven to be bad.

Tue Nov 09, 12:34:00 AM EST  
Blogger John said...

You're making the wrong assumption that brain power leads to good decisions regarding political choices. It doesn't follow that intelligence and a coherent and logical value system go hand in hand. You can be exceedingly smart and still have totally screwed up values and make terrible choices in a national election.

The reality is that easily 90% of the people under the intelligence bell curve are perfectly able to make reasonable value judgments when it comes to preserving our freedom and treating people fairly and electing officials who agree with their views.

What makes it almost impossible for even the smartest of us to sort out the truth from the BS is the flagrant lying and spinning and propaganda that passes for political discourse. I would suggest that you forget about IQ and start measuring people according to their values.

Tue Nov 09, 01:04:00 AM EST  
Blogger Greg said...

John, please reread my blog. I definitely agreed with you. I said the wisest and most moral. The moral is the key part that is hard to figure out, but it is also the most essential.

Tue Nov 09, 08:10:00 AM EST  
Blogger Four1Fool said...

I couldn't be in agreement more, but I'm not going to complain either. By definition, democracy is working how it is supposed to work in this country.

Of the people, by the people, for the people. Doesn't say anything about the bettermeant of humankind, etc. We wanted a 'representative' of 'the people' ... we got just that. In all liklihood, I should say that W is
probably the most accurate and fitting president to represent the majority of our nation.


F the president.
W stands for: What the hell is wrong with our country?

Tue Nov 30, 01:28:00 PM EST  
Blogger Greg said...

four1fool is right.

Thu Dec 02, 07:54:00 AM EST  

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