Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And now for something completely different.

My blog posts tend to be antaganoistic and ranting. Well, not today.

First, let me introduce you to a genius musician. Last year I went to his concert and I was mesmerized. It was in a small venue, and it was the most "real" show I had been too...and I have seen ALOT of legends perform. His name: Steve Burns. He was like a cross between Beck and Radiohead. Which means most people don't like his music, but it doesn't deny that it is progressive and not commercial. But there's a curve ball to this artist. It is the same Steve Burns who used to star in Blues Clues. Now that doesn't mean he is gay, or that I am gay. It means you should go buy/download the CD and listen to something that is real, and not commercial.

Second, my friend recommended the following costume to me for Halloween:

Why this you say? Because my grandma is Italian and so is Mario anf Luigi. But a better question is why was he looking at such homo costumes?

Finally, Steve Burns says:

Last night I dreamt
I was superman
And I had lots of fun
Playing with my cape
And with my tights
But my love
This is goodnight

Even though your life was wasted
Doesn't mean that I should save it
I'll sit at home and watch tv

Go ahead and cry I won't give a damn
It doesn't matter I'm superman
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me

Hey mom, look at me

If there are tall buildings in your way
a speeding locomotive rolls your way
I'll fly away
I'll fly away

I'll fly
I'll fly away

I'll fly away


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