Monday, June 21, 2004

Great News all (sarcastic)

Well I am sitting in class and I am just so excited because I just learned how to do my first web page. Check it out.

I do a firm wide Intranet site at work. Why wouldn't they let me test out of this shit? I still would have paid them.

I did my first website in 1997. All of the ones I did were on free servers so they are gone. I did find this one which I think is from 1998.

That was so so long ago. And yet now UMSL feels it is necessary to teach me this all over again. I really need to transfer, or drop whole experience in UMSL's Grad School has been a let down to say the least. I am all for education, but I do not feel like I am getting one here. I do not feel like this school can challenge me.

-Sincerely Frustrated.


Blogger Drewski said...

that's amazing! that PS website is funny as hell...brings back memories.

Tue Jun 22, 01:45:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting for that website to load up was such an incredible waste of my time. I want it back. Writing this comment, on the other hand, was such a delightful use of my time.

Wed Jun 23, 10:52:00 AM EDT  

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