Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Blogging is amazing. There are so many implications to it. I wish I remembered the link to where Bill gates thinks blogging will go. But it is another medium, like chat rooms, that can catch on and have business and educational benefits. I get slammed with emails daily, and I am not even important. If alot of the info was dissiminated via blogs, I wouldn't be in my email jail. It is easy and quick to post. People can be notified upon updates, and then decide for themselves if they want the info or not. Blogs could cut back on at least 5 if not 10 emails a day for me...and like I said, I am not important. It is also a quick and easy way to put info on the web for those of us that do not know how to put info on the web. (e.g. the office assistants who send out most of the emails I am talking about).

I'm glad to see I have at least one reader...he has decided to give blogging a try, so please check out This Blog

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