Thursday, June 10, 2004

Motivation vs Ambition

Ambition is wasted on the Unmotivated. Dreams are wasted on the undetermined.

I am not an ambititious person. Those that know me will argue that, but I am really not. I am determined yes, but not ambititous. I wish I was, but I understand that I am not. I do not know where I want to go, or who I want to be. I just know that I am so goddamn determined to overachieve that it will force people to move me up, or move me out.

What eats at me is those people who are ambitious but not determined. Why don't they overcome their fear of success and just do? Why don't they awaken from their dreams to make them happen? If you have an average IQ or better then the only obstacle in the workforce is yourself. The world is right in front of your finger-tips...reach out and grab it!

Why do ambititous people settle? Why the fear of success?

The fact that you think I am talking about you means that I am. I am talking about all of the people who have ever told me that they want more then they have, that they want this, that they want that...but then do absolutely nothing to get it.

The only thing people should fear is not using all the tools that they have been born with and have developed. Anything less makes you a victim of evolution, and not a driver.

Ambition is wasted on the Unmotivated. Dreams are wasted on the undetermined.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no ambition nor am i motivated. What say you about that Dr. Greg?

Thu Jun 10, 02:16:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Greg said...

I say "then just disregard that post. My blogs are my opinions that I am throwing out there to the world. Instead of me filling up notebooks, I am using a blog to record my thoughts. It just happens to be accessible by anyone who can access the interenet."

Thanks for the post!

Thu Jun 10, 04:13:00 PM EDT  

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