Sunday, March 20, 2005

Summer of 2006

1) A few months back I had to make a decision. Should I stop going to grad school? My problem was I could learn more on my own than I could in a structured school setting. I chose to learn more on my own and pursue the CFA charter. I am starting to realize that that same logic applies to working for someone else. My KSAs are limited to where I fit in the puzzle. The larger the company the less chance that the company is taking advantage of my abilties. (because of regression to the mean). I can contribute more to this world if I am not working for someone else. I want to develop people. I want to make good people great.

2) A few weeks back I met with the owner of a successful company in St. Louis who I have gone to for career coaching a few times over the last few years. Amongst other things I asked him at what point he knew it was time to walk away from his job and start his own company. His reply was when it became a better idea than the alternatives.

1 + 2 = Summer of 2006.

p = 55%

(if this is cryptic than you should reread "What's Next." Learn to add the premises to see the future.)


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