Monday, March 14, 2005

Breaking out of Email Jail

Noone emails me to ask how I'm doing. Noone ever emails to find out whats new in my life, or asking if I want to go get drinks in a few hours. Its always people asking questions. I don't mind that. I like it. I like finding answers.

But sometimes I am busy. So I have a solution.
Alot of times people reply with hyperlinks. If I email my roomie, and he is busy he just gives me a link. Nothing more, nothing less.

So here's the solution:
Create some html code in an autoreply. The code will simply insert the persons email body into a google search box and reply with a link. Why not do the subject? Well because they always start off with "yo" or "can you help with", etc.

I can even have it setup to where if they reply to that, then it takes my autoreply off, and then I answer them myself...unless it says "thanks" in there. Which no one says thanks now a days, so I guess I dont have to worry about that.

This will work on so many of the emails I receive.

Noone will ever know that I am not even reading me emails!


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