Thursday, March 03, 2005

Congratulations, you're a cliche.

Congratulations, you're a cliche.

You are the same as everyone else. What have you done to make "you" different?

(you is noone in particular!...if you think you is you then get off your ego-centric delusion, you is every person individually speaking....errrr why do I bother!)

How is this society any better (or worse) off because you lived here.

I look around, everyone has the same complaints, everyone has the same accomplishments. Everyone is the same.

Yea you're a punk. Yea your parents don't understand you. Just like everyone else at the concert you are at. You're all so different, even though you have the same pseudointellectual conversations, you all have the same piercings, same shirts, same hair, you're trying to be so different that you are the same.

Yes you've tried your share of drugs. Yes you're hooked on drugs. Yes you never touched any drug.

Great you got a house. Great you live at your parents house. Great you live in an apartment. So what?

Yea you're good w/ computers. Yea you're comptarded.

Yes you have a good job. Yes you have a shitty job. Yes your boss is an ass. Yes you are on the fast track. Yes you will never get anywhere. Yes its your race's fault. Yes it's some other race's fault. (its not a race if you're not in it!)

Yes you graduated college (who in the hell cares? gave most of you college grads confidence and nothing else. Guess what, you're still a dumbass. You don't know how to use what you learned. If you don't recognize that college taught you how to learn, than you are who I am talking to.) teaches most of you how to be the exact same as everyone else. Its assembly line education. You know the same thing as the people in your classes. Your resume is the exact same as your classmates, and the other millions of people that graduate from college EACH year. Your dumbass probably had a professional help you create your resume, to assure that it looked like everyone else's that he helped! Cliche. College=cliche. (bitch all you want about this. If you think I am wrong, and you put that much weight into college, then consider this: I might have more degrees than you, so I must be more right than you, right?...your dumbass probably did not even follow that logic.)

Its always someone else's fault. its never anyone elses fault (you internalize).

Yea you have insomnia. yea you sleep like a baby and love to tell everyone.

Yea you're an alcoholic. Yea you never drink. Sorry your dad beat you. Sorry your dad was never around. yea your dad was always there for you. Yes your dad never missed one of your games or concerts.

Yea high school sucked. No one liked you. You were so different. You used to always think about suicide. Guess what, your story is so common they made a movie mocking you...its called Heathers.

Yea high school was great. You dated all the hot girls...(I miss that!) You hooked up with anyone you wanted. Yes you didnt have to study, or go to class. Yea you're getting married. Just like everyone else.

Yea you never went to college. Yea you worked your way through college. Yea you had a 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0. Yes you're in a band. Yes you're an athletic mofo. Yea you've had a girlfriend hurt you. Yea you dropped out of college/high school.

Yes you love me...(this is one cliche I am sick of and miss at the same time!) Yes you hate me...(that will never get old).

Yea you have a sports car. Yea you have a hoopdie.

Yes you were good at football in High School. Congratulations they made a show about you and the other million people like you created each year. Its called Married with Children.

Yes you have great ideas. Yes you have no ideas. Yes you're good looking. Yea you're ugly. I'm sorry you're too fat/too skinny.

Justin Timberlake said it best (or was it Dr. Phattie Phil?). "Cry me a River"

This could obviously go on and on. The bottomline is I am only 25 and I have seen your story over and over and over and over again. People are artists, their lives are the canvas. I'm tired of seeing the same dozen paitings. I'm tired of everyone being the same. Can someone talk to me and tell me something I haven't heard? I'm tired of seeing through you. I'm tired of knowing what you're going to say before you do.

Be yourself.

How is your life's story any different from someone else's? Are you just wasting time until you die?

Make a difference in people's lives.

Don't be a cliche.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

get in where you fit in, even if shes pregnant

Sun Jul 03, 12:28:00 PM EDT  

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