Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dey Took Hour Jibs!

Outsourcing is wrong.

What is wrong with that statement? Nothing if you are wrong.

Why is "insourcing" ok, but "outsourcing" is not? Why is it OK for Toyota to be located in the US? They are giving us jobs. We don't complain about that.

If it is wrong for us to outsource, then it is wrong for other countries to outsource to us.


What is wrong is the government (and unions) manipulate labor supply and demand via minumum wage and inefficiencies.

If you think outsourcing is wrong, then work harder than the foreigners for less money then they are willing to work for. They are doing the same job (if not better) for less money. Why is that a problem? Efficiency is not a problem.

Either get a skill that is in demand, or keep the skill you have and do it cheaper with the same output.


Do you think people in Japan get paid 70k a year to tighten a bolt on the assembly line? Why are Japanese cars better, and cheaper, and have better resale value? Probably because they don't have to pay someone 70k a year to tighten bolts...(if I was paid 70k a year to work on an assembly line I'd probably bitch too about someone somewhere else willing to do it for 15k a year, knowing damn well that I would have no skills worth more than 15k a year!)


Blogger Greg Monaco said...

Japan's motive for having plants here in the US has nothing to do with "outsourcing".

The reasoning behind it is solely political and if you believe otherwise then you need some medication.

Think about it for just a second.

What does making car plants in the United States benefit them? Well it puts them in control of thousands upon thousands of US jobs.

When it comes time to negotiate trade agreements that sure is some heavy duty influence to bring to the bargaining table.

"You don't do what we want we will close down those plants and 25000 americans will lose their jobs. As well as the trickle effect of everyone else effected from contracts, etc".

That's the SOLE reason.

As far as outsourcing, it pretty much is bad and it has nothing to do with the reasonings you have listed here at all.

You are totally correct that US companies outsource because it's cheaper and that US workers CAN'T work for those wages and survive in our economy.

While I do tend to feel that the average US union worker asks for 10x more than he should receive for the type of job he does, which in turn is detrimental to the whole process, I do not agree with that being the sole reason for the problem.

Other countries have governments who put very strict control over the outsourcing, to control the impact that it has on their own economies. Unfortunatey we do not do that, not even a TINY bit as much as Japan does.

Japan denies imports of things such as rice, grain, fruits, baseball gloves and just about any kind of product. Hell they leave ships sitting in the harbor waiting for "inspection" to intentionally cause their produce to spoil so they can turn it away.

Do I blame them for doing it? Not really, it's in their best interest.

However I do blame our own country for allowing it to continue to happen. Penalize the people who out source, tax them to high heaven.

At the same time put the squeeze on unions to stop exploiting their respective companies so that a janitor is not making 70k a year come retirement time.

I want to meet the teacher who started the ideal that if you want to be financially stable to become a janitor or a garbage man.

Not that there is anything wrong with those jobs, they are respectable professions that should earn enough to make a living but I don't see how they should earn more than police officers and firemen. It's insanity.

I do agree that alot of the problem lies on our own work force and attitudes.

I don't agree that outsourcing is not wrong. Our government and our workers both should be working to make it not a problem.

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