Sunday, January 09, 2005

Poetry II

I've got a book of a couple hundred poems that I have written over the last decade. Here are a few.

Tell me have you died today.
Lay your hand on my eternal grave,
resting place for an unwanted man.
Paradise was found!!!! It’s a nowhere land.
Someone please save me from this lemming filled crowd.
Steal my thoughts, it is allowed.
Act on nothing but what you’re told.
Buy what’s to be bought, you’re easily sold.
I wanted more, there’s never enough.
Some die with less, I want too much.
My mind is an unwanted waste.
Too many ideas, too many todays.


Walking through a sea of lonely,
Wondering why it is me only.
Frustrated with this lack of bliss,
Never been without an empty feeling of this.
Angels whisper in my ear suddenly.
Body full of fear abundantly.
Schizophrenic sleeping soundly.
Mental anguish ever bounding.

50th Wedding Anniversary.

Flying to a nowhere land,
Kiss her gently, tasted like sand.
Try to remember when she was beautiful,
Come up empty, my memory is no longer suitable.
In youth her body was waxed.
Now it has waned.

Time melts the pain away,
Years have passed, nothing left to say.
I hadn’t meant the words I said,
But there is no chance for forgiveness from the dead.
I loved you with all of my heart, blood, and tears.
Wanted nothing more than to have you near.

Now you’re gone and left me alone,
Emptiness is all I am left to own.


This world scares me, leaves me battered and bruised.
…unable to speak, and never amused.
Existence is cloudy, damp, and dry.
Planes with turbines cease to fly.
Sometimes I don’t know what to think, or say.
…preachers with dragon breath,
soothes blind men wallowing in the gray.
Need an arrow to point us forward,
Baptismal water erases humanity once it is poured.

Which is more sad, but true?
Men that die for false beliefs,
Or those that fail to?


Daily dramatics, missed the schematics.
Drowning in my thoughts today.
No different then yesterday.


Paralyzed when I look at you in your
Pair of eyes.
Makes me want to think of a
Pair of lies.
To get you home alone with me, but until then, I will
Nothing more I can do to get you to
That I’m one of those guys
Who always tries
To be the wind that lets you fly.


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