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Anyone who works white collar knows that email has quickly revolutionized communications with firms. I believe that blogs will do the same. For instance, instead of getting 20 emails a day, I can go out to a central blog and see what I need to know. Instead of receiving a 2nd or 3rd email correcting previous ones, I can just go to a blog.

What can be put on corporate blogs?
-Meeting notes, brain storming sessions, marketing notes, status of projects (e.g. require associates to update daily where they stand on projects...I promise you they will get completed sooner if they are posted on a blog.)

Anyone can do a blog. They are simple and quick. On distribution lists that have 30k people, imagine how long it takes the sender just to delete the away messages that they receive.

Plus the owner of the blog can have the option to email certain people when there are updates, or on less confidential blogs users can opt to receive notifcation of updates.

Blogs are the future of information dissemination.

I discussed this with the head of operation's secreatary at work today, and she liked the idea alot. She gave me homework to do before we can do this. I need to find a (preferably) free blog that is private. Most of the emails and meetings are understandably internal, so if someone playing on google finds the info, it would certainly be bad. I'll let you know what happens in a few months.

What are your thoughts on using blogs at work? Do you think its a good idea? How can you keep it private? Do you know of any blogs that require a password? Would this work at your work? What hurdles would you have implementing blogs for a company with 30,000 employees....(e.g. legal, mandatory vs. volunteery content, privacy, passwords, who has permission....)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would not recommend using a free site for something of this magnitude. You would want this to be an internal system correct? This would be something you would want to keep on the intranet? For this to be a business service the company would have to build their own website (blog) and give user's profiles probably based on windows logon (or whatever network logon you have) or hire a firm to develop it for them. It should not be hard to design a system like this. This system would be based off permissions (of who can view what). I could immagine this project could be developed in ASP (or any other language that could query a DB) for the front end and have an oracle database for the back end. I'm sure EJ has ASP developers and an Oracle database. So you should have to tools there now, it would just be up to someone to propose it and get it approved.

Personally I don't know if i'm sold on "blogs" in the workplace. If a "blog" system was in place, how do you organize it? That could be just as big of a pain as sorting through emails. Would you save it as a favorite on your browser? Does EJ use a system of "Minutes" or some other logging activity for meetings etc...? Email is a pain in the rear especially when you are sorting the junk from the non junk but it is more direct than a blog would be. If you would like to get more direct than email IM would be another alternative. One positive i see for blogging would be the amound of disk space that could be saved on an email server. One HTML page vs. 100 emails, which one has a smaller size... Nonetheless, blogging is an interesting idea for the workplace. Web Forums are basically a Blog just not as pretty, does EJ use forums?

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