Monday, December 13, 2004

Cell Phone Do Not call and what are you worth.

There is a rumor that now telemarketers are allowed to call cell phones...(thanks to cell phone lobbyists!).

Call 888-382-1222 from your cell phone...listen to the prompts, and you will be added to the cell phone do not call list for 5 years.

I think the above is an urban myth, but its worth getting on that only take 2 minutes.

Also, according to the book "The Millionaire Next Door", which is a cook book about how millionaires become millionaires (hint, it is almost never high income), there is a simple formula you can use to see if you'r worth what you should be worth.

(your age)*(.1)*(your annual salary this year) = what you should be worth.

Once you are 25-27 this formula becomes applicable (before that and you haven't had time for compounding to take affect).

I read that book and was convinced that I had to walk away from high income (5 figure paychecks for several months) and get a low paying job. If people think you have money, then you spend it instead of save it. e.g. I was eating 15 dollar lunches everyday. now I just bring my own. no peer pressure anymore. now people don't stiff me on chipping in for bills, they don't expect me to throw in the extra 3 bucks all the time...(does anyone understand that when you split a bill you have to pay your share of tax?)

Financial independance. Sacrifice now, so you can enjoy your 30s, and retire (if you want to) in your 40s. Or bitch about bills and stress over bills for the next 80 years. Its an easy choice. At least for me it is.


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