Monday, January 31, 2005

This article was found in the editorial section of The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

What can you buy for $1.5B? A tabloid newspaper. The company that owns the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was bought today for $1.5B.

The University of Missouri Columbia is 120 miles away. They consistently rank #1 nationally as a Journalism School. With an assembly line journalism instution so close, you would expect that the Post would be a good paper, right? I can't stand it. Can anyone deny that they are a tabloid? Why write about facts when you can write opinions and pass them off as facts to create controversy. (So you get more readers, and then can sell the paper for more than you would be able to if you had integrity.)

If I want to read about St. Louis I read the KC Star...or I guess.

The news in general is terrible. Sports/crime/weather/war. Way to start and end people's day with such optimism about the world! Way to scare people over and over again. When you swim with dolphins you don't stab it so you have a handle to hold on to. Yet the media does.

The Post is worst than cigerrette companies. Cig companies damage their customer's bodies, and the customer knows it. The Post damages its customers' brains, and the customers think they are learning and gaining knowledge!

What is ironic is that I did not check any facts before posting this blog, and I am complaining about their lack of fact-checking. The difference? When you read the Post you (and every other lemming) take it for being fact because they must be accurate right? When you read my blog, you read it like you should read everything. Skeptically and questionally.

In a few days maybe I'll issue a retraction somewhere where you won't find it saying that this article never appeared in the Post Dispatch, and I apolpgize for the inaccuracies of the title.)

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