Thursday, March 24, 2005

Summer of 2006 II

A good Point Guard makes everyone else on the court better. He sees the lanes. He sees passes when noone else does. He can not be afraid to have the ball in his hand. He knows how to distribute the ball, to give people a chance to shine. He relentlessly defends. He takes the big shots when its all on the line (if a better option is not open).

A good point guard puts everything on his shoulders. All the risk. The entire team rises or falls depending on him. But a good point guard never thinks he can lose. He always has the swagger, the confidence, the determination to do great things, to lead his team to victory. Failure is never an option. Challenges are hurdles. Hop them, and keep running.

A good point guard puts his players in position to grow. To hit the big shots. He gets everyone to reach for their potential. He gets everyone to come together as a team. To eat, breathe, and shed tears of effort over the same common goal.

There is a 70% chance that I am starting up a new company. I am going to be surrounded by very strong and talented people.

I am humbled at the level of free agents (or soon to be free agents) interested in joining the team. As the point guard, I will not sleep or blink until we win the championships. I refuse to let my team down. It is not about me. It is about the team. The good point guard doesn't want to be in the paper with stats. He wants to be in the paper with wins. Box scores don't matter. Wins matter.

We will win. We will win.


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