Thursday, March 31, 2005

Part of poker (life) is figuring out what cards your opponent thinks you have. In the real world it is called paranoia. In competition it is called anticipating your opponent's next move.

So when I am playing the poker game of life, I know that those around me always think I am holding 1 of 2 cards. They think I am holding the "The King of Confidence Card" or the "Ace of Cocky Card, aka Acehole."

And they are right. I am always holding one of those cards. I am always, each and every hand, holding the confidence card. No matter what hand I am dealt, that card always pops up. (aside: The confidence card should pop up for everyone. I am not special. There is no reason why I should be more or less confident in my abilities than anyone else...) So I am holding that card every time. Yet people with weaker hands (aka insecure people) always think I am holding a cocky card. They are so consumed with themselves that they convince themselves that I am something I am not.

Could I be wrong? Sure. Always, and of course.

But here's my reasoning. I have NEVER ever EVER heard a successful person, or anyone with pride say that someone else is cocky. Never ever. The word cocky or overconfident (which is impossible, mind you) is only used when looking up the totem poll.

Confident people are concerned with the game. Insecure people are concerned with individual players.

Confident people are concerned with winning. Insecure people (people who call others cocky) are concerned with losing.

As everyone knows, people with a positive attitude find a way to come out on top. Winning is coming out on top. Thus Confident people win, because they are confident. People that call me cocky lose because they are not confident.

Don't call me cocky because you feel that you are a failure. Get some pride in yourself. Wake up knowing that you can do anything. What fun is life, if you are not proud of yourself, and what you've accomplished no matter how great or how small.

Be proud of who you are, and what've you've done. Learn from your mistakes, and keep growing.


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