Thursday, October 27, 2005

my stocks have sucked the last few days

I have been hit hard the last few days. 3 of my 4 favorite stocks have been battered in the last few days...(so has the S&P, but mine have done worse).

Its hard not to doubt myself in times like this. A very significant part of me thinks I am lucky. This might be the correction that proves that to me.

However, I am not selling my stocks (SRCL, MSFT, CD, PETM). I think that my stocks are even more undervalued than they were before. I think all 4 of them are at a significant discount. But I am out of cash to invest, and I refuse to invest in the stock market with loans.

the point of this post is merely:

If I like to say when I perform, I must say when I underperform.

I put my money where my mouth is, and I have to own up to the (paper) losses.

I hope I am right and SRCL hits 65, CD hits 30+, MSFT hits 35, and PETM hits 30. Those are my price targets for the next 24 months. Otherwise, I've just been lucky the last 6 years.


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