Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nobody said it was easy......

As a followup to this previous post...grow some balls I must admit my plan certainly is difficult.

-it is hard dealing with tenants, no matter how great they are.
-it is hard getting started and finding repairmen. I look forward to the future when I have a network, but for now, it is difficult to build that network...its a trial an error thing. (Note: if you know of any good electricians, plumbers, carpenters, heating/cooling, or all around handy people, please refer them to me).
-waiting for rent is an anxious few days, regardless of how consistent they pay.
-it is stressful dealing with the unknown of when you will find a tenant.
-it is hard getting quickly loaned the amount of money necessary to buy 5 to 10 houses in 2 years...(especially off of my minimal income!).

Its not easy, but is it worth it?...I don't know, do the math. I am certainly giving it a go.


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