Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Some captains make their crew wear seatbelts.

I got an email a few weeks ago from someone who I was friends with since age 4 or 5 saying "maybe someday you will realize what a fool you've been. I doubt it. so long, sucka!"

Which got me to thinking, what is a fool?

-Is it someone who has failed at every single thing he has ever attempted? Someone who can't even succeed in his amazing abilities.
-Is it someone who is so naive that they don't realize that they fail at every single thing. (If he stepped back and learned from his and others mistakes he wouldn't be a fool).
-Is it someone who is so naive that he doesn't realize that he is the source of all of his problems, each and every time?
-Is it someone who thinks he is gold, and then accepts a job the day of the interview. Here's a hint: If you are offered a job that quickly, you are worthless to the company. Good companies weed through people for months before they hire even the most remedial jobs. You didnt get hired because you were special, you got hired because you were breathing!
-Is a fool someone who takes things out on his closest friends when he is insecure about his own place in the world? (what kind of "friend" does not cheer on his friends, even when he is down?)
-Is it someone who asks someone to be his best man, and then changes his mind? (he failed at picking a best man! He knew the person for 20+ years. I would think that if you knew someone for that long than you know exactly what you are getting...but then again, I don't fail so I don't know how that works.) (That is a lie, I fail every day, but I try to be resiliant, and get up and go at it again.)
-Is it someone who gets jealous when other "friends" get on the radio and he can't?
-Is it someone who gets jealous when a close friend, and a fiance both get better jobs when he himself is unemployed. (I can not fathom someone being jealous of a friend!)
-Is it someone who drowns in his own insecurities, whereas if he gained confidence he would have the world in his hands? Replace your insecurities with confidence, instead of thinking you have done so already, and see what happens.
-P.S. when people ask which aisle the douche is in, do you always look up to see which aisle you are standing in, or do you tell them "this aisle"?

If a fool is any of the above, then a fool I am not.

If a fool is someone is so foolish that they constantly expect people to be the best person that they can be, then I am certainly a fool. If you talk a big game, then back it up...otherwise shut up so noone sees you coming.

APB, even though you wish me failure, I wish you the best of success in your life. If you ever overcome yourself, you know where to find me.

Some captains make their crew wear seatbelts. If the ship goes down he wants them to drown with them.

Cheer on your friends, regardless of what your ship is doing.


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