Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pimp my ride.

I want someone to build me a hydraulic telescoping arm that extends at the push of a button out of my trunk with a bi-folding backboard. That way I can play basketball anywhere. Of course we'll also need a way to hold a tarp tightly for the 90% of shots that I miss. I don't want to dent the car.

I also want someone to build a container for my washing machine. There is no reason why I have to add one cup each and every time I do a load. The washing machine should have a resevoir that holds 1+ gallons and automatically secretes detergent. It would make things much more easy, and it would help people like my mom who has a broken back, or my grandma who is suffereing from being old. (I smell a patent idea)


Anonymous TB said...

that's not a bad idea, the one about the washing machine that is. as far as the basketball hoop coming out of your trunk, well that's about as unpractical as everything else that West Coast Customs does on Pimp My Ride. So they'll probably do that next season.

Fri Apr 15, 10:16:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Greg said...

Maybe I should have brought that up when I ate dinner with them last night.

(not a joke).

More to come on this if it becomes appropriate.

Fri Apr 15, 10:21:00 PM EDT  

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