Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Damn the U.S. is stupid....MGM vs. Grokster.

The supreme court ruled today in favor of enterntainment giant MGM. MGM had a problem with P2P provider Grokster. MGM v. Grokster

If I am understanding this correctly than the Supreme Court feels that P2P companies are responsible for the irresponsibilty of their users in that the companies failed to filter out copywritten content.

That is fine. I'll ignore the utter stupidity of the record labels for not evolving and making money off of P2P, instead of suing them....(STUPID F'ERS!).

I'm going to stick to a more "pissing-me-off" outcome of this ruling.

If the Supreme Court feels that companies are responsible for their customers using products illegally, than how in the hell can the Supreme Court not rule against gun companies, alcohol companies, BOEING!!!!, etc. Hell based on the Supreme Court logic we should sue the schools the justices went to for making a product (the justices) that is unintentionally harming people.

If their logic applies to the music industry, than it most certainly applies to vice companies....especially since vice companies are intentionally creating something that will injure people.

So next time you see a lobbyist thank him for ruining the fabric of this country.


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