Sunday, November 06, 2005

Time doesn't pass.....we do.

Years ago my Uncle Joe asked me how my spring break went. I told him it was fun, and it passed by too quickly....he replied:

"you know how fast your spring break went by, thats how fast life moves on. I remember when you were like my kids, seems like yesterday. We all need to take a little time and spend it with the people we love and enjoy being with. Time marches on, We have to march with it."

.....and he was right.

Despite myself, I have made some great friends over the years. For all my friends out there, thanks for sticking with me!

I was at a wedding yesterday. But this one was different than the other 20 or so that I've been to in the last few years. The smiles that illuminated between my buddy and his woman were touching. I forgot that people could be that happy with each other.

Now I remember that.


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