Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sometimes I outhink myself. Go ahead PRINT that.

So I fully recognize google as a landscape changer. I follow them pretty religiously...(not their stock price, but the company). But in my own ignorance and love for Google I overlooked a rather simple facet of this world.

Love can put blinders on you. In my myopic focus on Google I have overlooked all other suiters! I've gotten caught up in the glamour of Britney Spears, whilst ignoring that Christina Aguilera and Hilary Duff are also "talented."*

*intrepret the word talent however you like.

Here's what I'm saying. I have been mesmerized by google's unflinching innovation and roll out of products/services that are increasing intelligent, and seemingly exactly what I want as an end user. Mesmerized with blinders.

Sure I've recognized that microsoft is a viable competitor....and I assert that MSFT is still in complete control of the tech battle. Regardless of how much negative media attention has been given to KingSoftie, and how much positive attention is given to Google, noone can overlook that Microsoft is still in control here.

But Yahoo and Amazon are also in the mix. I don't like yahoo....but they are being overlooked in this 2nd phase of internet craze. For instance both yahoo and amazon are rolling out their version of a product (or is it a service) that I am craving:

Yahoo Print and Amazon Print

But while google is getting sued for their version, Amazon and Yahoo have publishers on their side. This is very relevant. This will be Google's first significant fodder for negative attention. Google's stock has skyrocketed because of supreme investor confidence. Nothing bad has been said, and innovation has run rampent. But as soon as there is negativism associated with this emotional stock choice, the stock will drop...(merck example)..the question is how far? That is why I never bought them. You can't win bidding wars when the bidders (owners of google stock) are buying/selling on gut emotion. Its like trying to play poker with several million people that go all in regardless of their hands.

Its also significant because the publishers could easily sign a licensing agreement to grant yahoo, MSFT, or amazon exclusive rights to their digital content. VERY powerful. It'd be like GM getting exclusive rights to our highways.

I love innovation. I love fierce competition to evolve. I LOVE it! Its exciting. I hope this battle goes on for years! Imagine if the drug companies fought this intensely for product evolution! They'd have cures for everything from aids to alzheimers. This reiterates the need to not follow companies with blinders. Where there are leaders there are followers. Sometimes the followers take the lead.

Who do you think will win this battle and why? Who else am I ignoring (is ebay a major player?) What say ye?


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